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Ways Piano Lessons Help Kids

A few years ago, my husband and I had our youngest daughter, then 7 years of age, in online piano lessons. Both of us had been musically inclined earlier in our lives and therefore thought it was important for our children to be enriched with the arts as well.

pianoBut, when practicing of scales and such began, I thought “WHAT WAS I THINKING!” Looking past the trials of the first couple years, I considered the positives of having a child enroll in online piano lessons.

There are quite a few benefits to doing so. I’ve listed five below for consideration…

Piano lessons online can greatly enhance one’s Performance in school

You’ve probably heard it constantly: playing an instrument can help with school performance and grades. It’s not an old wives tale or myth. There are countless scientific studies that show that those who play an instrument generally perform better in both standard testing as well as spatial cognition testing.

Also, those who play an instrument score particularly higher in subjects like math.

An example study was conducted by Rauscher & Shaw. They tested preschool aged students who were had also received piano instruction for some time. The kids that had been undergoing piano instruction actually scored over 30% higher than nonmusical counterparts in tests measuring spatial and temporal reasoning, which is absolutely crucial for understanding and excelling in subjects like the sciences, math, engineering, and computer science.

Raise Self Esteem With Piano Lessons

Let’s face it: learning an instrument takes dedication and hard work. But with each learned scale or song, a child’s self esteem is increased greatly. Additionally, showing their talents to their friends and family either privately or in school functions or concerts is practically like a sport in that “winning” and performing well increases self-esteem.

Best piano lessons online for children can also help kids to have a more positive focus when facing tough times. They understand that learning a new skill takes time, energy, and effort, so they know that with time, things will get better and they will no longer need to be frustrated.

Coordination Improvements

learn piano onlineIn what should be no surprise, hand-eye coordination is crucial for playing the piano. Consequently those who learn to play see great improvements over their peers.

But also children who play the piano tend to have more improved motor skills compared to those who play other instruments. Dexterity improvements are substantial while learning to play piano.

Piano Lessons Help Children Improve Concentration

Reading sheet music takes great concentration skills. Reading and playing that sheet music takes much more concentration. The act of reading music, translating it into a particular set of hand movements, and therefore producing different melodies and songs translates to critical thinking ability improvements rarely seen elsewhere.

Well-Rounded Children

The long-term effects of learning to play an instrument are substantial. They’re exposed to wide varieties of music, and completely new ways of learning tasks and developing skills. These lessons stay with them their whole life regardless of whether they play into adulthood or not.


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