Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a music license? 

A music license allows you to use our music within your film or video. Regardless of whether a film or video is intended for personal use, for business or non-profit use, or for any  other kind of use, anytime you use someone's music within a films or video you must have a license. A license gives you legal and official permission to use our music for your project. See a copy of our standard music license here.

What is unpaid media?

Unpaid media is any marketing tactic where you don't pay to promote. Like a TV commercial or any sort of online streaming pre-roll ad (YouTube, Hulu etc).

If I license a song for one project can I use it on a different project in the future?

Unfortunately no. Every time you license a song for a specific project it is only to be used for that project. If you want to use the same song for a different project you need to re-license it.

I submitted a Music License Request. Now what?

Check your email for a confirmation of your request. We'll send you our standard license agreement, an invoice and a link to payment as well as a high quality mp3 of the track(s) you requested.

I need help editing the song I licensed.

No problem. We can help tailor the length or structure of any song to your project.

Can I see examples of Brian’s work in advertising?


How much does a license cost?

Our project rate card can be found here.

How much does original music cost?

We will create a custom rate for original music requests based on your overall needs, usage and project budget.

Frigg! I don’t see my project type listed.

No worries. We can work together to create a unique license just for you. Share your specific project details with us and we’ll come back to you with custom license terms.

I'm logged in but can't find the members only area. 

Click here to access the members area where you can browse and download songs instantly. Don't have an account? Click here to sign up.

I need music on a regular basis. Is there a subscription option?

Contact us about setting up a custom subscription plan based on your needs.


Do I have to credit Vacationland Music in my project?

That would be great!​ But it isn't required. If you choose to please credit us as 'Vacation Music Company"


Other questions?